What is in season in Winter?

From late December to March is winter. Generally, January and February are the most challenging part of winter. Progressively the days get longer with the promise of a new cycle of seasons.

You might think that in winter there are few vegetables in season. Instead, this season is full of colorful, nutritious, and healthy fruits and vegetables to enjoy!

The citrus fruit season is par excellence, including lemon, orange, and clementine.

Root vegetables are in the spotlight, too, for example, baked into delicious comfort food.

And, since Fall 2020 has been exceptionally mild, we can still find vegetables like broccoli even quite late in the season.

DBDP’s Winter In Season Calendar

There are plenty of benefits from eating fruits and vegetables in season:

  • they have the better taste
  • they are more environmental-friendly
  • they are cheaper

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