Basic vegetable stock

Vegetable broth.

The basic vegetable stock is used in many types of dishes, like risotto and soups.

Besides water, the basic stock consists of only three ingredients: celery, carrot, and onion. 🥕🧅🥔

The recipe can be enriched with other seasonal vegetables. 🍅🥬

In the version we share today, we have added a leek, a potato, and two bay leaves. You can also add white peppercorns according to your taste and replace the bay leaves with parsley🌿

The preparation is quick and easy, it only takes a few minutes.

  1. Prepare the vegetables by cutting them into large pieces.
  2. Put them in plenty of cold water.
  3. Bring everything to boil and let cook for about an hour.
  4. Wait for at least 20 minutes before using it.
  5. Strain everything.

That’s it!

👉Store the broth in the fridge for 2-3 days
👉Freeze the broth into ice containers. It will be SO useful to have ready-to-use portions on hand!
👉Do not salt the broth, so it will be easier to dose the salt in the preparations in which you will use it .
👉Making a vegetable broth is also a way to upcycling not-so-fresh vegetables 😉

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