Welcome Spring!

Spring is finally here again, and with it the picnics! Flowers, insects, bees, walks… We love it!
The days are getting longer and warmer and we can taste new savours with the new season, like the early fruits and vegetables: carrot, onion, turnip, radishe, spinach; and very soon strawberry.
A new beginning.
This spring we want to get the vegetable garden ready. The space is very small, but last year it gave us great satisfaction with tomatoes, aubergines and courgettes. The ratatouille was even better knowing that we cooked it with our own produce.

What is available in Spring where you live?

Here is a (short) list of what is locally available in the Paris region where we are based. The list may vary from a place to another. In the south of France, where the weather is warmer than here, there is a wider variety of local produce.

Species: Aloysia citriodora/ Lippia citriodora (Verbenaceae)

Common name: EN Lemon beebrush, Lemon verbena, IT Verbena odorosa, FR Verveine citronnelle, ZH 柠檬马鞭草 (pinyin Níngméng mǎbiān cǎo)

Description: Shrub with pointed deciduous leaves and a pleasant lemon scent, growing up 2–3 meters. It can withstand temperatures below zero down to -5°C.

Origin: Native to South America.

Benefits: Improves digestion.

Uses: herbal teas with lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) or thyme, salads, cooked with poultry.

Cultivation: Well-drained soil and not in direct sunlight. At the end of winter, it is good to prune the plant to strengthen it.

Propagation in the garden: By cuttings.

Throughout this season, we will share with you plant-based Spring dishes from France, Italy, and Asia. We’d love to know about your favorite plant-based dishes of the season! Share them on our Instagram channel with the hashtag #daybydayspring. See you there!

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