Welcome to Day by day Plants!

Why Day by day Plants? Because plants are all around us. They nourish, dress, heat, heal and protect us every day. And because they are beautiful!

Hi, my name is Valentina, and I’m the founder of Day by day Plants.

I strongly believe that we can all contribute to a better world with our daily choices, starting from what we eat. Eating plant-based has enormous benefits both for us and the environment. So let’s choose in-season produce, eat more plant-based food, plant more plants, and enjoy plant’s blessings on our health and mood.

Some people think that preparing vegetables is time-consuming and tiring. So, given their daily workload, they are content to eat meat, pasta, the occasional vegetable – such as potatoes – or ready meals. Actually, eating more vegetables is not that tricky.

It s best to choose seasonal vegetables, locally produced, and prepare them as simply as possible. Often a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, some fresh herbs, and a pinch of salt on raw or steamed vegetables is enough to make everything yummy.

If you are looking for protein-rich dishes, in DBDP you can find recipes based on legumes such as chickpeas, lentils, and tofu. You will see, they are delicious!

Day by day Plants is about the daily uses of edible plants. In this blog, we share plant-based recipes and much more.

Here, I share my favorite traditional plant-based recipes and my original recipes inspired by cultures. Also, I share my experience of growing vegetables and herbs in my kitchen garden.  

Feel free to join the conversation on Instagram, and most of all, enjoy!

— Valentina, Founder of Day by Day Plants