Day by day Plants is a blog dedicated at promoting the consumption of fruit and vegetables by sharing a plant-based approach to sustainability that draws inspiration from cultures and biodiversity.

Through our action, we support the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021 lauched by the United Nations, with the objective of raising awareness of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Day by day Plants supports the International Year of Fruits and Vegetable. Credits: @FAO

We believe that the first step to a sustainable lifestyle is rediscovering seasonal and local produce and biodiversity. The second step is understanding the local culture, the local traditions, and the perspectives. The third step is being open to other cultures and exchanging experiences.

So, on this website, we show you the seasonal fruits and vegetables of the Paris region, where we are based, and how they are used locally. Then, we explore other cultures, such as the Italian and Chinese ones, finding inspiration from their plant-based food, traditions, and trends.

Through this blog, you will discover how important it is to reconnect with where we live and rediscover local products and traditions while being open to other cultures.

Feel free to contact us for collaborations or questions.

— Valentina, Founder of Day by Day Plants

Photo credits: valentinacurzi.com