Welcome to DBDP!

Hi! I’m Valentina, the Founder of Day by day Plants, a place where I share with you plant-based ways to sustainability inspired by culture and biodiversity.

I believe that the first step to a sustainable lifestyle is rediscovering seasonal and local produce by learning about biodiversity, cultures, and ourselves.

So in this website I show you the seasonal fruit and vegetables available where I live, in the Paris area, and their local uses. Then I bring you to Italy, the country where I was born. We also explore other cultures, like the Chinese one, and find inspiration from their plant-based food, traditions, and trends.

All along with this blog, you’ll see how important it is to re-connect to the place where we live, re-discovering local products and traditions, and also being open to other cultures.

Have fun!

— Valentina

DBDP Mission

Day by day Plants is an information site aimed at presenting edible plants as essential for a balanced diet as well as for the environment. It focuses on the uses of a wide variety of vegetal products, from fruit and vegetables, seeds, and aromatic plants, to plant-based food, their biodiversity and their role in sustainable development.

For collaborations in the fields of culture, biodiversity and sustainable development contact us.

Valentina Curzi, Founder of Day by Day Plants