Welcome to Day by day Plants!

If you are always trying to reduce your environmental impact, experimenting with new plant-based food, looking for more inspiration from cultures different than yours, you are at the right place!

In Day by day Plants, we share plant-based ways to sustainability inspired by biodiversity and cultures.

We strongly believe that sharing traditions, science, and savoir-faire is key to find new solutions to improve our ecological footprint. We can all contribute with our own day-by-day choices, starting from what we eat.

In this blog, we show you the seasonal fruits and vegetables available in the Paris region, where we are based, and how they are used locally. Then, we explore other cultures, such as the Italian and Chinese ones, finding inspiration from their plant-based food, traditions, and trends.

Our approach to sustainability consists of 3 steps:

  2. LEARN 

#1: Reconnect with Nature

The first step to sustainable living is reconnecting with the local environment, favor local food, and get to know yourself better. 

  • Ask yourselfWhat grows where you live now? Who are the local producers? Who can help you learn more about the place where you live? (guides, books, associations…). If you are new to the place, go to the local tourism office and ask for information.
  • Connect with people who can help you learn about the local biodiversity. Look for local natural guides and let yourself be guided in the discovery of the natural environment.
  • Inform you of local in-season produce. Go to the local marché and ask the producers about the local ways of preparing local fruits and vegetables.
  • Grow your kitchen garden or grow your vegetables and herbs in pots.

#2: Learn

The second step is understanding the local culture, traditions, and savoir-faire. We do not need to go far to learn. Sometimes it happens that we even don’t know so much about the place where we live. whether you are in the place where you live or on holiday:

  • Ask local people: what are the traditional local plant-based dishes? What are the cooking methods employed? What are the benefits of that way of cooking?
  • Learn about local traditions by asking questions at the market, to local farmers, and your family.
  • Inform you about new local food trends: where do they come from?

#3: Share knowledge and savoir-faire 

Finally, to achieve a more sustainable living, be need to be open to other cultures. 

  • Exchange knowledge on how to make plant-based food. Share your experience and savoir-faire by sharing your favorite plant-based recipes and plant-based tips. When you travel, be inspired by local plant-based dishes. By doing so, you will enrich your plant-based food database ready to use once back home.
  • Find endless inspirationHow is this fruit/vegetable prepared elsewhere? Can I replace an exotic ingredient with a locally grown one?

These three steps are the beginning of our journey to reach a more sustainable lifestyle. Want to join us? Follow Day by day Plants on our social channels and be part of the change.

Have fun!

— Valentina, Founder of Day by Day Plants