What fruit and vegetables are in season now?

To help you find out what’s in season at every moment of the year, I have organized fruits and vegetables into four groups, corresponding to the four seasons for your ease of use.

However, since the growing periods do not match precisely with the seasons, there may be variations due to the region, the weather conditions, and the market, particularly during the transition periods from one season to another.

Enjoying cherries in Spring

Below I share four images I created with Canva to show what’s in season in France and Italy and most temperate regions during the different periods of the year. What about where you live? Do you note any differences? Let me know on DBDP’ Instagram page, I’d love to learn more.

Click on the images to learn more about the season produce.

What fruit and vegetables are in season in Spring?

Spring – Nature awakens, and the cycle is renewed. Asparagus, fava beans, peas, radishes, new carrots, and fresh herbs flavor up those spring dishes. Strawberries and cherries bring a joyful vibe. Pinzimonio time is back!

What fruit and vegetables are in season in Summer?

Summer – Late June brings new veggies like bell pepper, eggplant, zucchini, and tomato to transform into delicious dishes such as ratatouille, caponata, and stuffed eggplant. Melon, watermelon, peaches, and plums refresh the hot summer days.

What fruit and vegetables are in season in Autumn?

Fall – Fall is the harvest season with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to enjoy before the arrival of winter. Apples, pears, figs, plums… A plant-based feast to be savored in delicious seasonal dishes like Roasted roots and soups.

What fruit and vegetables are in season in Winter?

Winter – For many plants, winter is the season of rest, but not for all. In fact, winter is full of tasty dishes made from cabbage, potatoes, roots, legumes, and nuts. Citrus fruits vitamin up even the darkest winter days.

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