Kitchen Garden

So you already have a kitchen garden, or you dream of having one. It doesn’t matter how big your garden is or if you only have a tiny balcony; growing your vegetables and herbs is less complicated than you think.

All that matters is that you have some soil, sunlight, and the desire to grow your vegetables and cooking herbs! Get ready to start your vegetable garden. Big or small.

In this section, we share our tips and tricks for growing your vegetables. Feel free to share yours on DBDP’s Instagram page.


If you hear crickets and cicadas singing and see pine trees and the sea, be sure that not be far away you will find the Rosemary plant! For me, it is like Proust’s madeleine; its fragrance inspires me. It reminds me of the Mediterranean landscapes, the food of my homeland Italy, and family gatherings. ItContinue Reading


Just say mint, and immediately I have a sense of freshness. Do you too? Maybe it reminds you of the last time you had mojito at a party or the spring rolls you had at a Vietnamese restaurant lately. Wherever is mint, there’s always fun! It’s a cooking herb and medicinal plant all in one.Continue Reading


You can avoid waste and grow healthy plants at the same time. How? By composting. You only need a compost bin, vegetable food waste, some paperboard, and a compost bin. Together with the earthworms and other organisms, the bacteria in the environment will transform all this waste into a natural fertilizer for your indoor andContinue Reading

Lemon Verbena

The aroma of lemon verbena fills our garden with its beautiful notes of lemongrass. It’s so pleasant! I rub my hands with its leaves, and I think of the names of famous fragrances to which verbena gives citrus notes. We planted our verbena in 2020, the year of confinement due to COVID19 when we haveContinue Reading

What to grow in Spring

Together with spring, the flavor of the freshly cut herbs has come back. Nothing compares to the aroma of fresh herbs on a spring salad! It tastes good, and it is also good for our health. Adding fresh herbs to your dishes helps you reduce your salt intake, providing you, at the same time, withContinue Reading