DBDP approach

Day by day Plants approach to a sustainable lifestyle consists in getting to know the place where you live, its biodiversity, traditions, regional dishes, and sharing your experience with that of other people. Start where you are. Start now.

Although we live in countries as far apart as France and China, one goal unites us: living sustainably.

We might have different history, different cultures, different languages, but we live on the same home planet, with common needs and limited resources, in the middle of a climate crisis.

Each of us, in our own small way, can contribute to improve things, starting from the place where we live and being open to cultures different from our own.

We believe that the first steps to achieving a sustainable lifestyle start from there where everyone is now.

Wherever you are, you can apply the Day by day Plants method: Reconnect, Learn, and Exchange.


Renew with the local environment, favour local products, and get to know yourself better.

Ask yourself:

What grows where you live? What is in season now? How is it grown? Who are the local producers? Who can help you learning more on the place where you live? (guides, books, associations…)

  • Local biodiversity
  • In season produce
  • Grow your own kitchen garden or grow your vegetables and herbs in pots


Understand the local culture and take mindful choices.

Ask yourself:

What are the local vegetable ingredients?What are the traditional local plant-based dishes? Can I replace an exotic ingredient by a locally grown one? How do local people use to prepare vegetables? What are the cooking methods employed? What are their benefits? What is new?

  • Local traditions
  • New trends

Exchange & Collaborate

Be open to other cultures by learning different ways of preparing plant-based food and share good ideas.

Ask yourself:

How is this vegetable prepared elsewhere? What are the benefits of that way of cooking? Can we adopt them for local food?

  • Sustainable tourism
  • International collaborations

Cover photo credits: istockphoto.com/blackred