Travel is where I get most of the inspiration for my life.

I find it always fascinating to see how people living elsewhere experience the same life phases and problems as I do and, most of all, see how they overcome them.

We live in different environments with different resources at our disposal. Still, we have similar issues, such as feeding ourselves in a balanced way, educating ourselves, working, caring for our children, hiding from the sun, preparing food, etc. Also, we have different ways of celebrating life.

Coming back home, you are never the same as when you left.

Traveling enriches you and transforms you. It expands our horizons.  For on the journey, one has filled up with new ideas. Coming back is just as good.

But the journey is often said to begin well before departure. It’s dreaming about the destination, searching for information, and preparing for it. 

I share the trips that inspired me in this new section, hoping they will inspire you. Ready to travel? The journey begins now 🙂

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Featured image: Flowering at Castelluccio di Norcia, Pian Grande, Umbria, Italy ©Valentina Curzi